Refrigeration Equipment for Waitrose in the United Kingdom
Premium British retailer Waitrose & Partners has relaunched a supermarket in Cheltenham, UK. International company Modern-Expo has manufactured and supplied refrigeration equipment for this project.

Case Profile

Company: Waitrose & Partners Ltd
Location: Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Sphere: Food retail
Solutions: Manufacture and delivery of refrigeration equipment

The project was implemented in collaboration with our UK refrigeration partner Ryan-Jayberg Ltd.


Waitrose & Partners is a world-known chain of supermarkets, the history of which began with a small grocery store in West London. Today, this is a company that has 100 years of experience, a leader of the industry and a part of the transnational corporation John Lewis Partnership.

Over 350 shops in different regions of the United Kingdom build the Waitrose chain and they also export into 52 countries worldwide. The Company actively implements new retail concepts in its stores: from special sushi stands to bars with juices and wine.

In 2017 Modern-Expo began to cooperate with Ryan-Jayberg, an independent company, that offers turn-key solutions for the commercial refrigeration sphere. Ryan-Jayberg has worked with Waitrose on water-loop systems since 2007 and was looking for a new partner to develop their unique solution for Waitrose, based on regular multideck design, but with innovative energy-efficient solutions.

It was a great honor for both companies to become reliable business partners, providing refrigeration to the Waitrose & Partners supermarket in Cheltenham.  


he work on the Cheltenham project has taken around 18 months.

“It was not an easy project as it required a mix of high-quality production, innovative refrigeration solutions and collaboration with many companies to achieve the final solution that Waitrose & Partners would be happy with. As our manufacturing partner, Modern-Expo have brought the next level of quality & production techniques to refrigerated display equipment in the UK,”
— said representatives of Ryan-Jayberg Ltd.

Modern-Expo has supplied Waitrose with high-quality refrigeration equipment, installing a total of 57 refrigerated cabinets in the supermarket in Cheltenham. The equipment was developed according to 4 major trends on the refrigeration technology market:

  • energy efficiency;
  • sustainability of refrigerants;
  • increased merchandising area;
  • improved serviceability.

The goal of CoolJet U development was to achieve around 40% of annual energy cost reduction. To reach this goal Modern-Expo and Ryan-Jayberg developed a solution with variable speed integral compressor and simple water-loop system.  By automatically adjusting to suit varying seasonal ambient temperatures of between 15-40 C, case performance can be optimized without further cooling of the water. The air flow inside of the cabinet was also significantly improved thanks to nearly 12 months of testing in the laboratories in Ukraine and in the UK. Currently designed to run on Hydrocarbon refrigerant, the cabinet can also operate as a remote unit using different refrigerants including HFC’s, HFO’s and CO2.

Modern-Expo has used the components that are standard for the British market (Phoenix & Weidmuller plugs, Wellington fans, Emerson electronics), thereby enabling their quick replacement in case of damage. Also Modern-Expo specialists have removed all possible bolted connections to increase the speed of equipment maintenance.


  • Successful Waitrose cabinet supply.
  • Installation of 57 refrigerated cabinets.
  • CoolJet U cabinet with the hydrocarbon variable speed compressor.
  • Water loop system implementation.
  • Components that are standard for the British market.
  • Improved equipment maintenance speed due to removal of bolted connections. 
  • Future plans for the implementation of 4 projects in 2019.