How We Prepared a Turn-Key Solution for the Croatian retailer, Studenac
Global company Моdern-Eхро collaborates with Studenac, which these days is on the 10 best retail companies list in Croatia. The company was once founded as a small family business. It all began in the 1970s, actually, the chain’s active phase of development overlapped the 1990th and as of today, it is comprised of 390 shops.

The secret of the Studenac chain’s longevity lies in combining various retail formats, namely supermarkets, convenience stores and offside shops along Croatia’s major highways. The secret to the chain’s success, since day one to the present time, is to choose locations as convenient for the buyers as possible.

For six shops of this chain that is rather dynamic in its development, international company Modern-Expo, a global manufacturer and supplier of complete retail solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, has produced and delivered some of its most popular refrigeration equipment models: CoolJet S, CoolJet GL and QuadroStream.

Also, Studenac received checkouts and shelvings for bakery and vegetables from Modern-Expo — Studenac shops have got some outstanding choices for the proponents of healthy eating: fresh salads, fruits and vegetables, gluten-free and GMO-free products and a wide range of products for vegans. The chain is known for its recipes of dainty dishes: those are available for customers online in the form of videos on the chain’s website or via its social network accounts.

Special zones have been arranged in the Studenac shops with tables for Modern-Expo coffee modules: that is where you can catch a break with a cup of tea, coffee, or a scrumptious sandwich.

So, this productive partnership is gaining momentum: today Modern-Expo is developing, especially for Studenac, two types of refrigeration showcases. And in the meantime, the companies are making plans to implement the concepts for more than 10 new shops!