New convenience store with Modern-Expo complete solutions
A new convenience store of Alma chain was opened in Mukacheve, Transcarpathia. So-called convenience stores are becoming more and more popular for modern consumers who want to be able to purchase everything as quickly as possible, conveniently and closer to their homes.

As an expert in creating small-format stores, international company Modern-Expo has developed special complete solutions for this project. They have made it possible to use small area effectively and place maximum amount of goods there, but at the same time the store has become spacious.

The company offers a complete line of equipment for such stores, innovative solutions and design concepts. Therefore, Modern-Expo has also completed a complete supply of equipment for the new Alma store.

Case Profile:

Company: Alma
Location: Ukraine, Mukacheve
Total area: 941,1 sq. m
Trading area: 552 sq. m
Sphere: food retail
Solution: complete manufacturing and supply of equipment

Alma is a Transcarpathian chain of convenience stores, which has been working for local customers and tourists in the Ukrainian Carpathian region for more than two years. Chain’s stores attract them by convenient compact format and at the same time by big assortment. There are many delicacies of their own production: croissants, patties and bread without flavor enhancers and preservatives.

The chain also promotes its own product in order to delight tourists. For example, homemade sausages and pizza according to the best Italian recipes are among them.

Modern-Expo had already supplied shelving systems and checkouts for Alma. In this project, the company has proposed a new complete set of commercial equipment. According to the format and the store concept, Modern-Expo specialists supplied refrigerated tables and showcases for storing seafood, meat, dairy and confectionery.

The company implemented  shelving systems that allow customers to conveniently place and effectively demonstrate products. There are modern checkouts and infocenter by Modern-Expo in the store. They are adapted not only for quick payment, but also for the comfortable work of the staff. The supplier has also took care of the shopping convenience by choosing shopping carts with the client for convenient travel in the store.

Alma and Modern-Expo cooperation goes on. After successful completion of the project in Mukachevo, companies will focus on a new store in Uzhgorod!