Helios and Modern Expo Pilot Project. The Complexity of Simplicity
You will never miss a gas station while traveling. They reflect the culture of consumption on the road and are a must-have of civilized journeys. Gas stations are multi-level spaces that have become traditional. Solutions for this format require a special approach.

Modern Expo had an opportunity to work on a project in Almaty, Kazakhstan and to equip a store and cafe area of Helios gas station.

Helios company specializes in the sale and supply of petroleum products in the regions of Kazakhstan. At this stage of existence, the priority for the company is to develop its own gas stations chain. The company owns 26 oil bases. In addition, there are more than 270 gas stations in 61 cities. Most of these gas stations have a supermarket with a cafe area. Modern Expo, the global manufacturer and supplier of complete retail solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, has equipped such space.

For this project, Modern Expo has manufactured and delivered a set of solutions:

  • vertical medium temperature multidecks CoolJet;
  • vertical low temperature multidecks GreenLine LT;
  • J-Stream counter for confectionery, which was integrated into the checkout area equipment;
  • elements of the checkout area of chipboard, metal and artificial stone;
  • tobacco dispenser with pusher systems;
  • wire shelvings;
  • outdoor fuel dispensers;
  • bar counter.

Vertical multidecks CoolJet are characterized by a wide range of accessories, ergonomics, laconic design and environmentally friendly refrigerants. GreenLine LT, in turn, are compact and easy to integrate with other Modern Expo refrigeration equipment.

The structure of the shelves of the checkout area is a matte shagreen. This type of coating is extremely wear-resistant. The visual heterogeneity of the structure harmoniously complements the matt surface of shelving systems and refrigeration equipment. The countertop of the bar counter was made of artificial stone, and the basis of the checkout area - of metal and chipboard of high quality. Another feature is the convenience of adjusting the angle of the shelves.

The gas station in Kazakhstan's largest city is a pilot project of Modern Expo and Helios. There is much more to come. Therefore, let’s keep calm, take care of each other and look forward to good news.