Specializes in retail concepts and designs development for unique brand positioning

Founded in 2018, SQUARES is focused on addressing the issue of a perfect place for shopping. The team of retail strategists, project leaders, designers and architects create new stores that stand out in terms of their efficiency and design.

Being a part of Modern Expo Group, the company pursues one mission - TO CREATE RETAIL NEW

Any store is a brand image. It is more than just a building. It is a space where the brand lives. The space that inspires, makes feel comfortable while shopping the goods and entertained by the numerous extra services that make customers deeply involved in the shopping process.

Store design establishes the connection between the business goals and customers’ needs. It is not about the beautiful picture inside, but functional efficiency that is measured by the number of people visiting the store and purchases they make.

Each project consists of several stages:
Insight Research

It is a major first step towards a successful store concept design. During this stage we collect all information that is needed to start the project: business model & strategy, processes, products & services, expectations, future perspectives.

Retail Concept

Starts with forming hypotheses founded on the findings made during the first stage. Here, based on complete research strategies, we come up with a 3D model, which is about services, interior/exterior, equipment and furniture, navigation and information system.

Design Project

Building on the approved retail concept, together with architects and designers we proceed to the Design Project stage, which includes schemes and store fixtures models’ specification.


Is about leading the project though the all construction steps up to the opening. This ensures the project is aligned with the design concept.

Book of standards

Final stage is resulted in Book of standards - a document containing visuals and descriptions of the store’s concept with important rules for the further rollout.

Retail Audit

It is important for each business to explore its priorities and evaluate the current audit process and where it can be improved. Highlighting the retail environment pros and cons will facilitate right decisions focused on improvements.


We organise workshops for our clients to make sure we define all business issues that should be altered and improved. Brainstorming together during the sessions helps to reveal hidden milestones and focus on right directions.

In-store Services

Customer loyalty starts with the first visit to the store. To make them return, retailer should provide the most outstanding shopping experience and make customers happy. To reach this, the store services should meet nowadays customers’ needs and expectations.



Is not about project management itself but a consulting product to ensure the correspondence to the definite design project. 


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