Pallet Racking

The system provides the most efficient storage of different types of products on pallets. Maximum overload is up to 5500 kg per storage level (two beams), and up to 21000 kg per section.

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Free access to each pallet


Mini-Rack is a system for storing different products of a small weight and dimensions. It is a perfect solution for warehouses and production, it is used in garages and houses, depots, service stations, archives, and libraries. Maximum load on the rack section is up to 5000 kg.

  • Less metal used in the structure design

Drive-in Racks

Drive-in racks enable the storing of products of the same type on pallets. Compact storage with a maximum density is enabled by no passage between racks; the forklift operates directly inside the structure. To save the area of a warehouse, drive-in racks are the best solution.

  • The system enables the use of up to 80% of the warehouse’s useful volume, which is 25-30% more efficient in comparison with pallet racking

Mezzanine Floors

The Mezzanine is a multi-storey rack system that enables efficient use of the storage capacity. Storage space can be saved much better by means of the rack’s height. The system allows convenient access to any section. Products on all levels are stored on pallets or on shelves.

  • Efficient use of a storage space
  • Optimization of warehouse flows
  • Easy access to each storage level
  • Cost minimization due to standard span section profiles

Cantilever Racks

The Cantilever rack system is a metal prefabricated structure for lengthy products storage. Mobile and convenient, systems are widely used in steel and metal warehouses, wood processing mills and pipe production. Depending on the characteristics of the warehouse and properties of products, one-sided or double-sided cantilever racks can be installed.

  • High load capacity of sections
  • Static strength, wear resistance and durability
  • Installation of additional options is possible
  • Suitable for various lengths of product storage


DIY and C&C racks are specifically designed to optimize the internal logistics in stores without warehouses. These racks perform two functions: presentation and storage of products in the salesroom (on the rack).

  • Saves up to 25% on the cost of commercial equipment
  • Additional space for products display
  • Effective product demonstration due to a wide range of accessories
  • Simultaneous storage of different types of products on pallets and shelves of the same rack system

Additional Logistics Solutions: 

  • Individual solutions for the most effective use of space
  • Ergonomic and smart design
  • Protective elements for improving the safety of working conditions and storage of goods
  • Smart solutions for stock management

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