Product zones


The Bakery zone is an extremely important part of a customer’s journey inside a grocery store. This is a story about building trust between a customer as the consumer and a retailer’s brand. Thus, with the help of our equipment we are giving customers an opportunity to enjoy the baking process, breathe in the smell of the baked goods and get hot crispy bread straight from the oven.



This shelving line is inspired by traditional hospitality, with simple and familiar shapes of cabinets and drawers for storing products. VOLOKNO has extensive possibilities for displaying and storing bread products, as well as a comprehensive and multifunctional interpretation of the bakery area, which in turn gives customers more opportunities and emotions.


Selected Bake

Selected Bake is a practical and essential solution that makes baked products zone a warm and welcoming place. In other words, this is a traditional concept that fits well with the image of a modern store. It helps to create unique combinations that will form a particular consumer experience. Wide range of cross-selling opportunities.

Wine and spirits

The Wines and Spirits zone is a category undergoing major changes in modern grocery stores. By gaining new experience, customers learn fast, which is why their expectations grow. Consumption of alcoholic beverages becomes more than diversifying the gastronomic pleasures that come with sampling dainty dishes, it is more about extraordinary and quality time spent with friends and family. Therefore, such types of products become a more complex category requiring expert support.



The alcoholic beverage equipment line borrows its morphology from architectural forms, creating diverse buildings for bottle exposure and storage. Lightweight, thin shelving, a wide range of shelves and accessories make it possible to create a dynamic and unique exposition of products.

The equipment system is designed to help to create multifaceted compositions in the interior of the store, which contributes to the good visibility of products.


Selected Wine

Selected Wine is a system with wide range of standard equipment and accessories builds an attractive and well organized product presentation for an inspirational atmosphere

Fruit and vegetables

Healthy nutrition is socially approved and trendy, but it also requires altering a person’s lifestyle and way of thinking. This may cause some difficulties, whose overcoming increases self-esteem, but… they are still difficulties. Retailers are capable of making this easier by offering “off-the-shelf solutions in a convenient format”. Fruit and vegetables are the foundations of healthy eating, easily adaptable to the customer’s pace of life. That is to say, consumers can buy themselves a solution for a healthy diet.




There is the desire to create the impression of an open market inside the GREORA fruit and vegetable zone equipment concept. Cascading product layouts, low island tables, lightweight and mobile racks that allow you to quickly change your space configuration. In addition, the range of equipment includes modules for growing micro-greens, which allows you to get the latest and most useful products, as well as an attractive educational element.


Selected F&V

Unique equipment for fruit and vegetable plays a crucial part in the differentiation of a retailer’s brand and forming customer loyalty. Selected F&V is complete systems for bright, massive, exposition of fruits and vegetables. Proportions and functionalities are designed to maximise simplicity of use and perfect product visibility


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