Solutions for
Last Mile Delivery


Automated luggage locker

  • Luggage storage without a mechanical locker – if the coupon is lost there is no need to change the locks
  • High level of reliability - ticket with a code can not be copied
  • The web platform allows you to easily monitor and control equipment
  • Secure luggage storage


Click&Collect service

All-in-one self-service point:

  • Delivery of chilled, frozen or perishable products
  • Receiving and issuing orders near the customer's house or on his way to work
  • Additional advertising space in public places
  • Ability to provide a platform for the vending sales
  • Additional services
  • Individual, recognizable and unique design



  • Parcels dispatching and receiving point
  • Stacks with different temperature modes:
    cooling +2 – 8 °C
    freezing -18 °C – for groceries
    heating +60 °C – for restaurant delivery
  • Possible integration of additional stacks and customization of cell sizes
  • Additional advertising and communication platform 

Parcel Terminal


  • A turnkey solution, all from one supplier
  • Time and cost saving - receiving and issuing orders near the customers
  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Modular system
  • Individual and recognizable design
  • Additional advertising space in public places
  • A secure platform for vending sales


Possible customization:

  • Amount of modules
  • Sizes of cells
  • Pictures and logo on a locker
  • UI – color, logo, background and language
  • API optimization
  • Admin interface – language

Mebius concept

Mebius concept allows the recipients of the goods to choose the convenient time and place of delivery, as well as to track it in the real time. Mebius system includes an innovative self-driving electric bus with a cell for goods and two drone assistants.


  • platform with all the necessary sensors
  • a control system and
  • a replaceable module for the goods (with the batteries).

Self-managed Mebius units are able to merge into columns and split as needed, because of the computer synchronization system. 


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