Vertical multidecks


CoolJet S

Solution for big retail formats

  • Smart and modern design
  • Wide range of dimensions and accessories
  • Welding-less internal joints
  • Natural defrost (no defrost heaters)
  • LED light as a standard option
  • Energy-efficient fans available

CoolJet U

The new generation propane-powered CoolJet U multideck was designed to make it cost-effective for retailers. The reduction of energy consumption is achieved by the usage of the following environmentally-friendly technologies:

  • Waterloop system - to manage the heat extraction in a proper way
  • Variable speed compressor - to run the system smoothly and efficiently
  • EcoBlade™ - to reduce cold air being lost

As a result, the decrease compared to the standard freon systems is up to 37%.

Developed in a partnership with Ryan-Jayberg


CoolJet GL

Unique compact sized multideck for super-, hypermarkets and convenience stores

  • Can be installed in a line or as a separate unit
  • Large exposition area
  • LED light as standard
  • Natural defrost (no defrost heaters)
  • Plug-in and remote systems
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant R290

CoolJet LT

Vertical freezer. Effective display of frozen products 

  • Can be installed in a line with cooling multidecks or as a separate unit
  • Product-focused design
  • Optimized internal space
  • Large product-facing area

CoolJet SV

Semi vertical multideck

Maximum visibility of displayed products with 1600 mm height. It is a solution for placement in the center of the store

  • Can be installed in a line or as a separate island with end-cabinets
  • LED light as a standard option
  • Natural defrost (no defrost heaters)
  • Energy-efficient fans available

F&V accessories

Solution for all retail formats

Specially designed additional accessories for excellent visibility and self-service sales of fruits and vegetables

  • Modern design for fruits and vegetables layout
  • Easy service and cleaning
  • Comfortable loading of product

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