Competencies in
Non-food sphere



Fashion retail industry is driven by demand for fresh designs and ideas and appealing products according to seasonal changes. Fashion brands will always follow the latest trends and listen to what customers are looking for. What happens in fashion stores defines customer’s loyalty and brand’s mental affirmation.

Modern Expo provides a unique shopping experience to impress customers, make them feel totally absorbed by style, comfort and beauty.



Sport has become a part of modern lifestyle. Therefore, the popularity of sport goods stores are constantly growing. Special equipment for sports clothing or accessories presentation has a number of features as it requires a more meticulous design approach.

Modern Expo creates solutions that help to embody sports energy in the store appearance.



To experience and interact with different and electronic devices, Modern Expo suggests a variety of special shelving, tables and stands. All items are perfectly placed, easily accessible for the consumer, their details and prices are clear — all these are possible with ergonomic shelving systems and appealing design.



The lightness and modularity of Modern Expo equipment, various shapes and forms, different types of materials – all these things provide elegant demonstration of beauty products as well as inspirational shopping atmosphere. Our solutions will enable the beauty retail space to be simultaneously unique, flexible and attractive.


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