QS Special

QuadroStream is a counter designed for serve-over and a self-service sales of different foods.

  • Stainless steel internal surfaces as an option
  • Product-focused design
  • Quality without compromising
  • Built-in meltwater evaporator for plug-in units


Special modules to display different types of products. Attractive look of fresh products

  • QuadroStream Meat (Static cooling options)
  • QuadroStream Fish (Static cooling options)
  • QuadroStream Combi pizza/sushi cooking
  • QuadroStream Pizza
  • QuadroStream Bain-marie / dry-heat
  • QuadroStream Neutral


For serve-over or self-service sales of products

  • LED light as a standard option
  • Natural defrost (no defrost heaters)
  • Energy-efficient fans as a standard
  • Large product-facing area
  • Easy operation showcase
  • Quick installation in lines

Promo Stream

Self-sufficient and portable refrigerated counter to improve impact sales

For promotional activities. Quick layout amendment. 
To stimulate impulse purchases. To promote high-marginal seasonal products

  • Large product-facing area
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290
  • Natural defrost (no defrost heaters)

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