Pull-Out System

The Pull-out system is designed for the easy selection of products from pallets. The perfect solution for products in boxes, containers, etc. Maximum load on the shelf: up to 600 kg.

  • Up to 15% of storage space is saved
  • Pull-out capacity of up to 100%
  • Can be used for the most racks available in the market
  • Easy and fast selection of products
  • Easy access to the product from three sides
  • Loading equipment is not required

Pallet Live Storage

The Pallet Live Storage System is the analogue of “Drive-in” rack intended for the storage of similar products on pallets. It is used for efficient storage with maximum warehouse capacity. The system can provide both “FIFO” (First-in, Firstout) Method and “LIFO” (Last in, First out) Method.

  • Storage space optimization up to 80%
  • Operation without electricity consumption

Box live Storage

The system provides for the automatic flow of products on special roller tracks. Products are delivered from loading side and move slowly by gravity along the tracks to the place of unloading. These racks are designed for storing and transporting products in boxes and containers of various dimensions, as well as in the areas of sorting and order picking.

  • Automatic turnover of products in the warehouse according to the FIFO principle
  • Availability of each product’s own track enables a reduction in errors when ordering
  • Operation without electricity consumption

Shuttle System

Racks for shuttle systems are designed for the storage of large quantities of similar pallets. The system consists of racks for deep channel storage. It allows to maximize the use of the storage area due to the absence of passage between racks; movement of pallets is performed with the help of the shuttle carriage.

  • Remote loading control
  • Maximum storage capacity
  • Product handling requires a smaller amount of trucks and personnel

Push-Back System

Push-Back systems combine characteristics of gravity, Drive-in racks and conventional pallet racks. They help to save storage space, allow the placing of different types of products on the same pallet and can be equipped with automatic load handling.

  • Perfect for products with a medium turnover
  • A large variety of products can be placed
  • Allows to store products of a certain type at each level
  • Maximum use of height, due to its specially developed constructive design

Racks on Mobile Platform

A mobile rack enables convenient access to each section, efficient use of a storage space, placement of many products and easy change of racks inside the warehouse. Mobile racks are often used if the storage space is insufficient, and are perfect for all types of storage facilities: warehouse, factory or archive. Rack structures are moved on the rails, by using an inbuilt engine.

  • Increased density of products storage
  • Saves the storage space

Sorting Systems

Sorting systems allow the process ofsorting of various products in the warehouse to be fully automated. Modern-Expo offers customized sorting systems, depending on the customer’s needs.

  • Automation of the sorting process
  • Speed of sorting is increased

Picking Systems

  • The paperless order fulfillment solution for goods picking
  • Modular adaptive design
  • Customized for plants, distribution centers, or warehouses
  • Easy assembling and running
  • Improves picking efficiency and productivity by up to 50%

Automated Guided Vehicle

AGV – autonomous robot for moving goods and materials in warehouses, logistic centers, production areas etc. AGV can be used to implement «Goods-to-Person» principle of picking. Goods-to-Person Picking solutions deliver items directly to person, reducing time needed for operators to search for items and to move between locations.

Modern Expo is also working as system integrator of complex logistics solutions. AGV implementation is one of the greatest examples of it.


Key benefits of AGV:

  1. Flexible solution for intralogistics, that quickly and easily moves in the warehouse, checking goods in real time.
  2. Fixed pick station would optimize the work environment of pickers.
  3. High density arithmetic would raise the inventory capacity.

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