Heat and Cold for Tavria V: Looking for Balance
Tavria V supermarket chain is one of the top 10 Ukraine’s most active retail chains. Modern-Expo, in its turn, is a global manufacturer and international supplier of complete retail solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. These two giants met in 2011, working on their first joint project. Since then, Modern-Expo has supplied Tavria V stores with checkouts, shelving units, lockers and wiring system elements a number of times.

This time we have a unique case in Odessa. Modern-Expo has developed and implemented solutions for the new Tavria V shop on the Kosovska street. As a part of this project, Modern-Expo manufactured, delivered and installed wired canopy shelving units. CoolJet S multidecks with hinged doors and a remote refrigeration system came full circle (from manufacturing to installation). Modern-Expo specialists have also delivered, installed and wired up Ay-Pas combined cooling-freezing showcases, outdoor units and, also, heat recuperation condensers.

Modern-Expo’s refrigeration multidecks are equipped with energy-saving fans and LED light. Cabinet’s frame and internal parts are made of stainless steel. Glass doors allow to reduce multideck’s power consumption by 50%. The company produces refrigeration equipment that comes in different sizes. So, there are options for virtually any retail format.

Option for installation of energy-saving fans and natural defrost, without the need to install defrost heaters, is another Modern-Expo’s step in the direction of creating environmentally sustainable equipment. In this project Modern-Expo also has installed air recuperation systems within the energy efficiency management system.