New Space from VIVA and Modern-Expo
Modern-Expo, a supplier of complete solutions for retail in Central and Eastern Europe, and UAE discounter VIVA join efforts to prove a simple truth. Good nutrition can be affordable, and your way to it — filled with aestheticism.

VIVA is a chain of stores selling high-quality food and non-food products (such as household wares) at reduced prices. The chain functions in Dubai, specifically, in the areas with high population density. Modern-Expo and VIVA combined their efforts in 2019 to rethink retail space for the sake of improving the quality of people’s lives.

The project has presupposed on Modern-Expo’s part (as that of a party fulfilling the order) manufacture, delivery and accompanying the installation of bakery shelvings and SG50 shelving systems for VIVA chain. The customer has picked that particular model of shelving units because it is compatible with practically all groups of products. Also, this shelving system is customizable depending on the design of retail space.

The are of the project about 500 square metres. There are 16 shops on the territory of the United Arab Emirates in total. The project of the shop situated in the Landmark Group Tower in Dubai is a pilot one for VIVA and Modern-Expo Group. 2 more VIVA shops are going to be opened in 2019, and 4 more — in 2020.

VIVA chain sticks to the principle “FRESHER. CHEAPER. BETTER”. Collaboration between Modern-Expo and VIVA is that of professionals. Its result is top-quality shop fixtures and fittings for the effective sales of premium-class food products and high-quality non-food products. At the same time, the partners have not abrogated the quality of services and the environment. All things considered, a further accomplishment of the mission to improve the quality of human life proves real!