Alma Supermarket in Uzhgorod: the first and the largest in cooperation with Modern Expo
Alma retail chain is well known in Zakarpattia. The retailer is actively and successfully expanding its presence in the region, combining the formats of a supermarket and a convenience store.

Cooperation with Modern Expo began in 2019. During this year, 7 joint projects were implemented, 5 of which were the openings of new stores and 2 were the reconstructions of existing ones. The opening of the first Alma store in Uzhgorod is the largest joint project for partners.

For the new Alma supermarket (with an area of 896 square metres), Modern Expo manufactured and provided:

  • commercial shelving systems;
  • checkout boxes;
  • self-service counters for vegetables;
  • specialized counters sushi;
  • vertical multidecks for different categories of goods.

MINT, an innovative company that is part of the Modern Expo Group, provided the project with the following solutions:

  • self-checkouts;
  • POS-terminals with a Product ID stand for printing labels for Alma's own products.

Along with the hardware, MINT also provided appropriate software for the specified equipment.

Alma retail chain has its own product assortment of pizza, bakery and pastry. So, it was important to emphasize its originality. This was achieved because of the harmonious combination of design and functionality of the equipment. Modern Expo has created a whole complex of equipment for the new Alma supermarket in Uzhgorod. We have manufactured standard gastronomic counters, counters with static cooling options and dry-heat counters.

QuadroStream counters have a modern design and reliable construction. Their basic features include low-energy LED lighting and energy-saving fans. Various sizes of the equipment and a wide choice of accessories were taken into account to meet all partner’s needs.

QuadroStream Fish has a static cooling system and a built-in washing system. QuadroStream dry-heat is a solution developed by Modern Expo specifically for the demonstration and sale of ready-made hot dishes. The counter was equipped with a lightbox and a hot air blowing system.

Alma is a Ukrainian retail chain with great potential. Win-win partnership based on the individual approach is the key of the successful collaboration. This vision was the main principle for Modern Expo in this project. There are a lot of new cases and achievements ahead.