Refrigeration Equipment for the New Supeco Store in Romania
For Supeco, the Romanian discounter chain, and Modern-Expo, global manufacturer of trade equipment and supplier of complete solutions for retail in Central and East Europe, this project has become a pilot one.

Supeco stores are a part of the French Carrefour group. They combine both the concept of a discounter and a Cash & Carry shop. Supeco brand debuted back in 2012, first ― in Spain, then came stores in Brazil and Italy. Still, the vast majority of Supeco stores are located in Romania.

What distinguishes Supeco stores from the rest of discount shops is the size: typically, the area of a Supeco store is 1,5-2 thousand sq. m.; that applies to a variety of goods by local manufacturers and suppliers in Supeco stores. Thus not only does the discounter save up on transportation, but it takes care of the environment as well.

Minimalist styling and optimization of space, its organization under the principle “nothing in excess” ― those are the additional advantages of any store of Supeco chain.

A supermarket in the Romanian city of Reghin, for which Modern-Expo has manufactured, delivered and installed vertical showcase refrigerators, occupies the total area of 1500 sq. m. The reference is to CoolJet S multi decks (wall-mounted refrigeration cabinets). Typically, this model comes with two options for height, four options for length, and three ― for depth. Besides, it has been for the first time in all Modern-Expo history when refrigeration agent R410 has been used, as per customer’s request.