Fairy tale in real life: new “Rukavychka” format from Modern-Expo and SQUARES
Renewed “Rukavychka” store with complete retail solutions from Modern-Expo and SQUARES was opened in the center of Lviv, Ukraine. The store has become an excellent example of the implementation of modern retail solutions.



Company: “Rukavychka” stores chain
Location: Ukraine, Lviv
Area: 913 m²
Sphere: food Retail
Solutions: retail concept and design development, equipment production, delivery, installation



“Rukavychka” is one of the favorite grocery chains of Ukrainians in Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia, Khmelnytskyi, Volyn and Rivne regions. This is a very dynamic company that has over 150 stores with an area from 70 to 1000 m². Over 3.5 thousand “Rukavychka” employees cares about their customers and improves their shopping experience every day.

“Rukavychka” is developing very fast, so its appearance must represent its main goal — unite western experience and Ukrainian hospitality.

“Rukavychka” in the center of Lviv was the first on the path of changes. The plans were to expand the area and update the location. The store became the chain’s flagship because of this update and that led to a number of non-standard solutions. 


SQUARES, a part of Modern-Expo of companies initiated changes in redefining the brand and transforming its value into the design.

"The design begins with the function, so at first we analyzed the goals of “Rukavychka”, the potential of the building in Lviv and the types of customers. This information has turned into beautiful clear accents, increased trading space and what is the most important — the new face of the brand — heroes of the fairy tale. They live now in the center of the store", — said Dmytro Koshevoi, SQUARES Operational Director.

Also, Modern-Expo, an international manufacturer and supplier of complete retail solutions, has designed modern shelving system for this store. The comfortable height of the equipment allows customers to see all the space and easily find the necessary products or souvenirs. What is more? The company equipped the store with backwall refrigeration units, checkout modules and areas, technological equipment.

“Rukavychka” in Lviv is the flagship of our chain. Our customers are both Lviv citizens and guests from other cities. It was extremely important not only to develop but also to implement the new design concept of the store in life. I strongly believe that we succeeded with SQUARES experts. We receive  a lot of positive feedback from our visitors. Children and adults really love our animated heroes, the Food-to-Go zone and two floors with delicious and high-quality products. Our cooperation with SQUARES will continue and it will be so effective and creative, as with Modern-Expo", — said Olena Frolova, Director of the Marketing Department of “Rukavychka” chain.