New Sinsay Store in Kyiv: to a Living Space Through a New Design Concept
Cosmopolite MULTIMALL, a shopping and entertainment centre in Kyiv, played host to the new Sinsay store. Modern-Expo company was a partner in this project.

LPP, a Polish retailer founded approximately 30 years ago, specializes in non-food retail. The retail operator’s stores for its brands, namely, House, Cropp, Reserved, Mohito, Reserved Kids and Sinsay, number 1700 and they are located in more than 20 countries. Sinsay brand was founded in 2012. Today the number of brand’s stores reaches 198.

Modern-Expo is a retail visionary. The retail ecosystem of the Modern-Expo group of companies responds to the challenges of modern retail and solve its problems in an integrated manner, helping retailers to sell and buyers to buy.

They say that openness to experimentation can make modern space come “alive." It seems that this very statement motivated the partners when they were working on the second-largest Sinsay store in Ukraine with an area of 1800 m2.

Equipment for the sales area (women's and children's clothing zones), dressing rooms and checkout area Modern-Expo manufactured according to the technical documents developed and provided by LPP. The ecological sustainability of production and the materials have once again proved to be a priority. One of the new materials for manufacturing the equipment for the sales area was stainless steel sanded to the state of a mirror. The white color dominates in the refurbished interior design of the store and coupled with a flat metal texture of metal, both elements create the atmosphere of a castle in the sky.

By opening the new store in Ukraine, the Sinsay brand appears in a new look. Working on the production of equipment for the brand has been an interesting and valuable experience for Modern-Expo in the technological and operational senses. New Sinsay space ― new buyer experience for a modern client.