SINOOIL full-service gas stations in Kazakhstan
Modern-Expo collaborates with SINOOIL Company, a leader in the field of supply and distribution of petroleum products in Kazakhstan. Its full-service gas stations operate around the clock, are notable for their excellent service quality and expand their geography constantly. Nowadays, the chain has more than 170 fuel stations and 110 minimarkets in and outside the country.

SINOOIL has opened 2 new full-service gas stations at a time recently: in Aksay and Oral (also known as Uralsk). Modern-Expo, an international company specializing in complete solutions for retail, has become SINOOIL’s reliable partner in both projects. Cooperating with companies, whose dynamics in development and focus on trends is clearly in evidence, is interesting. For example, at the present time, SINOOIL is implementing a non-cash payment system by SMART-cards and vouchers on its full-service gas stations.

When working on the project for SINOOIL, Modern-Expo has developed a solution for the compact space of the said gas stations. Checkout areas, shelving systems and refrigerating equipment, which suits the interior design, coffee modules and retention vessels for oil products were placed with an utmost of efficiency.

Such equipment assist in quick and advantageous purchasing, which is an underlying principle of SINOOIL gas stations’ interaction with the customers. If the equipment is easy to use, it will save time and give a positive impetus to a good mood on the way forward.