The elegance of Odesa in Santim supermarkets
Santim is a well-known ukrainian chain of supermarkets and a collector of flavours from all over the world. Santim not only offers premium-class products, but it also has an authentic interior design. Modern-Expo and Santim’s collaboration began in 2013. Partners have implemented a collection of joint projects thereafter. A store in Odesa (Velyka Arnautska Street) is one of the latest.

Modern-Expo provided the supermarket with wired shelving systems and “Bering” refrigerated tables. The company also developed new checkouts for Santim, having modified the existing ones. And what is more, Modern-Expo supplied wine racks, Rabtrolley shopping trolleys and the entrance group. The Customer mounted casing and decor of the sales area individually.

Supplied equipment matched the design-project by 90%. Santim chain was pleased with Modern-Expo’s approach towards the design and the practicality of solutions.

The story of Santim and Modern-Expo’s collaboration goes on: all necessary arrangements are being made for the opening of another Santim supermarket in Kaminina Street in Odesa. Therefore, we should be expecting news any time soon — just keep in touch!