Saner in hospitals of Volyn region now

Three hospitals in Lutsk are equipped with Saner automatic disinfection stations. Modern Expo manufactured and installed them free of charge to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Volyn region.

New product development became a real challenge for our team. The whole process of creation and implementation was carried out in the conditions of remote work. However, well-organized work and common goals have brought excellent results.

Saner is mobile and easy to use. The light original form will be an elegant addition to any interior: from retail spaces to offices and airports. Because of the installed wheels, the equipment can be moved quickly without significant time or effort. There are two formats of the work of the automatic fluid dispenser: from removable batteries or from the electrical network.

Three such disinfection stations were installed in the Volyn regional children's clinical hospital, Volyn regional infectious diseases hospital and Volyn regional clinical hospital.

All visitors and employees can now conveniently disinfect their hands with the help of this equipment. Saner is contactless, so it prevents the virus from spreading. It is also very simple in use: all you have to do is raise your hands to the sensor. The system will react to the movement and spray a dose of disinfectant. If necessary, you can also use napkins.

The benefits of the equipment are confirmed by doctors.

“It's a wonderful thing. Ergonomic. Practical. It will help us a lot. Statistics say that hand disinfection reduces the risk of getting sick. So now we have reliable protection. We are grateful to your company for this,” – Mykola Haley, Medical Director of the Volyn Regional Clinical Hospital.