Self-service Solutions - Preventative Measure for Retailers Against Coronavirus

Retail spaces have become something more than just traditional places of interactions. Competing for humans' attention and time, they have transformed into platforms for education, entertainment, new experiences ... and direct contacts.

Just a few months ago, these changes created opportunities for the boldest formats and concepts. Today, however, we experience fundamentally opposite processes.

Modern Expo and MINT Innovations decided not to stop active retail development. Rethinking existing solutions and developing new ones, an international group of companies improves the internal processes of retail spaces and transforms them into self-service format.

  • Challenge: reduced human contacts and increased efficiency of a checkout area 

SELINE self-checkouts line is about a convenient and fast payment process without humans’ interactions. Solution allows us to engage shoppers in the process of completing their purchases.

Self-checkouts guarantee optimal number of employees and queue reduction. Digital solutions transform the checkout area for the convenience and safety of customers. Also the simple integration of the equipment into the retailer's space allows not to waste time in the epicenter of changes.

Both models, Lyra and Luna, support all types of cashless payments. In addition, the Intel Real Sense 3D Camera can integrate Face Pay service, that allows shoppers to pay for purchases in a contactless way by scanning their faces.

  • Challenge: sales in bakery area without contacts with seller

No more searching for a matching barcode or asking the seller to cut a piece of pie. TagPad labeler improves interaction with products sold by pieces: own-produced bakery, confectionery and beverages. The solution combines a touch monitor and label printer.

TagPad really helps employees of the bakery area. It decreases their workload, it is easy to use and ergonomic. It reduces waiting time in the bakery area and minimizes interactions with the equipment.

TagPad software can be customized to a retailer’s operation system. The size and resolution of the POS-screen are also individual.

  • Challenge: autonomous mobile disinfection system

Traditional (but so effective) hygiene rules save thousands of lives. Disinfection has become important as never before, especially in stores, drugstores, banks and even in post offices. Human safety is our primary goal in the development of new solutions. One of them is mobile disinfection stations.

Sensor fluid dispenser and napkin dispenser provide convenient hands disinfection. The built-in battery is responsible for the LED illumination of the disinfection area and guarantees long-lasting battery life. Wheels allow us to quickly move the station to the needed location.

One of the most effective ways to slow down the spread of a pandemic is to reduce the number of human contacts inside stores and other retail spaces. For Modern Expo and MINT Innovations, these are top priorities. We create retail new. Even in turbulent times.