Equipment for Polonez — Irish Shops with Polish Flavour
Polonez is an Ireland-based supermarket and convenience store chain. Nowadays it is comprised of 30 shops and has a distinctive feature: a significant amount of goods it sells are imported from Poland, since the majority of the chain’s clients are of Polish descent.

Specifically, the Polish people make 75% of the chain’s estimated clientele of 40 thousand. Although, Irish natives also like Polish products and national cuisine. That would be a reference not just to dairy and groceries, but to confectionery, pastry, various beverages, vegetables, fruits etc. Each shop has a special department for fresh meat, sausages, and cheese.

Polonez has created its own warehouse network and cooperates only with reliable suppliers to ensure suitable storage conditions and the highest quality of products.

As an expert on design concepts and innovative retail solutions for convenience stores and supermarkets alike, Modern-Expo has been a reliable partner for Polonez since 2018. In the course of the partners’ cooperation, 4 new shops were opened with the equipment and complete solutions by Modern-Expo, a global manufacturer of trade equipment and supplier of complete retail solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

In response to the customer’s request, Modern-Expo manufactured and installed shelving systems, refrigeration equipment, stainless steel furniture, and checkouts. A large number of shelvings with wooden elements or those made of wood entirely, which blend harmoniously into the concept of the chain with Polish flavor, has become the project’s distinctive feature.