Equipping supermarkets under three weeks amid COVID-19 government restrictions
During this troubling time for all of us, we want to make sure to deliver on our promises. One of them was a project with Carrefour, where Modern Expo has equipped the Carrefour Market store in Poznan, Poland. And despite a short realization time, we met the project deadlines.

Modern Expo and Carrefour have 13 years of close collaboration and experience. During this time, two companies implemented projects in Poland, Romania, France, Belgium, and other places in the world. Each time it was a bright, unique story.   

The Carrefour chain unites more than 12,000 stores in 30 countries. There are more than 11 million daily check-out transactions across the globe.   

Carrefour is a world-renowned brand and trendsetter in the large food retail business. We are really glad that we have the opportunity to create new retail together with such partners.

The store in Poznan became the first supermarket in the joint format portfolio of Modern Expo and Carrefour. Prior to that, companies cooperated in the Polish market only within hypermarkets. Since 2017, Modern Expo shelving systems and checkouts have been supplied to all Carrefour hypermarkets. So when we got the chance to work with the new format, we took it without a doubt.

There were three from the moment of ordering to opening the store. For the retail space of 1500 m2 Modern Expo manufactured six tandem checkouts, a complete set of shelving systems for the wine and spirits, cosmetics and bio products areas, as well as various accessories. All equipment was made in gray RAL 7015 color, in accordance with the updated Carrefour corporate identity.

Working with the bio products area became a great experience for us. This is a special place where healthy gluten-free, lactose-free, and no sugar products are located. Metal and wooden shelving systems became a perfect basis for the elegant space. The accent light blends well with the architecture of the equipment, emphasizing the sophistication of the shapes. The bio products area has become an atmospheric place where shoppers can easily and pleasantly make healthy choices.

The Modern Expo team has also independently completed the delivery and installation of the equipment. Queues at the borders didn't stop us from executing the deadline. Installation was difficult but satisfying. We finished it in three days.

No matter how pandemic tries to put everything on hold, we continue to move forward. Together with our partners and clients, who are ready to meet the challenges. Together with an international team, that is trying its best. There are other fascinating stories ahead. This is just a beginning.