Modern Expo in the Israeli market: new shops in four cities
Modern-Exro is now in the Israeli market, where online retail is successfully developing, and the physical one has support at the state level. The company manufactured, and its official partner, Levi Raanan Storage and Display Solutions, delivered and installed shelving equipment and presentation tables in shops of the Japanese Daiso chain in Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Beersheba and Haifa.

Modern-Expo and Levi Raanan have been cooperating since 2012. Among its customers, the dealer company has a reputation of a strong and reliable partner: Levi Raanan has 25 years of experience in the design and installation of shelving systems of various levels of complexity. Therefore, its partners are guaranteed quality, timely delivery and installation of shop fixtures and fittings.

The story of the Daiso discounter is about starting off with a single shop in the 1970s, where they worked on the principle of "all for 100 yen" — to the presence on the markets of 25 countries. For the chain's shops, they chose a shelving system with a single middle back panel. This type of equipment is not only a 100% prerequisite for effective merchandising, but also of optimization of additional space. And this, in turn, forms a positive purchasing experience for the visitor: staying in a comfortable environment, people enjoy the buying process and return here again.

Although the shelving system with a middle back panel is one of the traditional Modern-Expo solutions and it has several size options, the company has customized it in keeping with the needs of the customer and made the back panel from polycarbonate. This material transmits and scatters light. With a proper lighting system, the goods on the shelves look very impressive.

Presentation tables are of lightweight, durable construction and aesthetic design, which harmoniously complements the interior design of the chain's shops. Tables are equipped with drawers, wherein a stock of goods can be stored. The design of the product also allows for installing additional shelves. It is convenient, ergonomic and functional!

Modern-Expo, with the support of Levi Raanan, continues to expand its geographic presence in the Israeli market, following its mission: to help the retailers sell and the buyers — buy. Next in line are the projects planned for 2020.