Another Modern-Expo Product — TagPad Labeler
TagPad labeler for bakery products developed by Modern-Expo in cooperation with MINT, an innovative company and a part of Modern-Expo Group, is on the Ukrainian market!

TagPad automatizes the purchasing process: you do not have to waste your time looking for a paper bag with a necessary barcode. It is enough to enter the correct name of a product or its code, and the labeler will print out a label immediately.

TagPad really helps employees of the bakery section. It decreases their workload, it is easy to use and ergonomic. Its minimalist design will harmonically fit the treding space of any shop. Less time spent waiting in line at the checkout area is another TagPad benefit. It can be both a separate equipment and a part of a shelving system in whatever colour scheme.

MINT innovative company has developed software for TagPad. It can be customized to a retailer’s operating system. The size and resolution of the POS-screen are also individual.

Modern-Expo manufactured hardware for the labeler, taking the wishes for ergonomics and convenience into account. For example, perforated foot of the equipment allows to place display, baskets and hooks for bags at a level that is most suitable for the buyers.

The development has already been tested and received some wonderful reviews from the customers of Alma, Rukavychka, Nash Krai and Fora retail chains. Another improved version of the labeler will be introduced during the EuroShop international exhibition of 2020, which will take place on February 16th through 2oth, in Dusseldorf. The new model of the equipment will be presented at Modern-Expo booth 13/B15!

TagPad has been developed to meet Silpo client demands. Currently, the labeler is doing its job perfectly in over 100 Silpo supermarkets. That is especially true of a new Silpo supermarket in Lutsk that has opened in Image shopping centre.

The new Silpo supermarket, with a stylish pop-art design, has a total area of 1270 sq. m. Besides the labelers, it is also equipped with other trade equipment manufactured by Modern-Expo specialists, for example, OKP checkouts with special scanner protection, entrance group and FS trade shelving units. FS shelving system has one middle back-panel instead of two back panels. This allows effective use of retail space and optimized placement of goods on the shelves.