Future Store Concept: A Vision of Experts from Mint Innovations

Mint Innovations is a company that develops and implements the latest high-tech solutions in retail together with well-known European shopfitter, Modern Expo Group. That kind of partnership enables the company to understand the needs of retailers, FMCG producers and buyers in an integrated way, specifically through cooperation. Mint team has long standing expertise and experience in applying the latest information and innovative technologies to retail. The company focuses on handling the objectives of the retail segment with the help of the Internet of Things and Computer Vision. Mint’s main goal is to develop complete smart solutions that transform retail spaces into stores of the future.

Mass adoption of smartphones, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, digital payments, blockchain, automation, Big Data — all of them are the factors determining the evolution of retail today. And buyers, in turn, expect impeccable service, personalized offers, convenience, fast service, instant delivery of goods and pleasant impressions. The company keeps up with the times and is prepared to respond to the exigencies of modern technological retail.

Challenges that Mint Innovations successfully overcomes

As of today, Mint has got over 100 conducted experiments on its profile and over 20 current projects. Core competencies are retail, FMCG-sector and allied industry areas.

Company collects and processes valuable data about purchases, customer behaviours and sales. Building on that information alone, company’s specialists can formulate business processes that allow to:

  • Control and manage equipment remotely;
  • Carry out merchandising control;
  • Make sales predictable;
  • Build customer portraits;
  • Analyse and manage client’s portfolio;
  • Eliminate out-of-stock and over-stock.

Experts at Mint see efficiency as a point of differentiation using the Internet of Things, Big Data, Robotics and Computer Vision.

The company’s portfolio includes:

  • POS-Equipment

POS-terminals, labelers and equipment furnished with customer display. Based on regular feedback from customers, we improve the functionality, accuracy and ergonomic characteristics of the equipment. For instance, Mint has solved the problem of weighing fresh-baked goods in shops. Nowadays, labelers are used in baked products areas, which has already significantly improved buyer experience and reduced queueing time.

  • Solutions for checkout area

It is logical for shop visitors to seek positive customer experience. Shoppers require seamless payment procedures. We study and keep track of retailers’ and customers’ needs and try to implement them in the design and functions of our self-checkouts. As a result, we developed a family of self-checkouts called SELINE. For example, self-checkout SELINE Luna is equipped with the improved anti-theft scales, ergonomic hooks for bags, cash-management system, user-friendly interface and easy-to-use mobile app. Kiosk SELINE Lyra is a perfect solution for purchases of up to 5 items. With different mounting options, it can be put either in a checkout area or within a store — on a coffee-module, for example.

  • Store management solutions: Image Reco, NFC Maintenance, Smart Shelf, Smart Fridge

Store management solutions by Mint encompass tools for effective merchandising, stock management and remote control of equipment coupled with useful analysis and display of information and reports.

Smart shelf is an effective means of avoiding out-of-stock and over-stock by allowing for real-time monitoring of the number of items on a shelf. Mint Innovations has developed few technologies for detecting and solving those problems — they have already been successfully implemented in many top shops and FMCG companies throughout Ukraine.

Smart Fridge enables commercial and technical monitoring of equipment. Thus, you can not just monitor the technical state of refrigeration equipment (open or closed doors, energy consumption, temperature), but also set the required parameters. We have also developed technologies that permit to control the number of items in a fridge, identify gender, age and emotions of buyers, and based on the data obtained — to create a client’s portrait.

All our innovations do not come by chance; we do not seek to invent something unnecessary. On contraire, when we find a specific client’s problem, we aim to create a product to solve it. Then we roll out the product to meet the demands of an industry as a whole
Sergiy Karpyuk
Head of Sales at Mint Innovations

All in all, as we can see, innovation is not an option anymore. Ideas that seemed fantastic several years ago already have practical implications and successful results. Mint Innovations will gladly help your business to become an effective store of the future.

The atmosphere of the store of the future could be felt at the Modern Expo booth during the EuroShop 2020 exhibition, where MINT Innovations successfully presented their new products.