Modern Expo refrigerated cabinets and checkouts have received updated certificates of conformity
The Modern Expo production site in Lutsk received updated certificates of conformity for its product lines. The documents were issued by a certification company, Bureau Veritas Ukraine.

By product lines, the model ranges of refrigeration equipment are meant, namely, CoolJet, QuadroStream and Confiture, as well as cash registers. The latter was submitted for certification separately. The certification procedure itself was complete for all products simultaneously. CE certificates are a prerequisite for the presentation of equipment on European markets.

A CE certificate is issued for three years and for some specific Modern Expo products, it has expired in December of 2019. Therefore, preparations for re-certification began a few months before that: audit of production processes was conducted, product lines were reviewed, the new ones were added and, together with the certification body, test samples were identified.

Certain selected samples of refrigerated display cases were tested at the Modern Expo laboratory. The company's specialists could quickly and efficiently resolve issues in response to requests from the representatives of the certification body. This has significantly sped up the testing and certification processes. Some tests for compliance with international standards were carried out by employees of the company’s laboratory, accreditation for which was obtained in 2019. That has sped up the entire procedure as well. And only one product was tested in an independent laboratory.

As a result, early in 2020, Veronika Gladina, Regional Development Manager for the Industrial Department of Bureau Veritas Ukraine, presented a certificate of compliance to the team that worked during the re-certification.

Holding CE certificates opens up new opportunities for the equipment manufacturer and has some distinct advantages. First of all, products with a certificate of conformity like that give consumers confidence that it is safe. It also provides information to end-users, retailers and market regulators, ensuring that an accredited third party evaluated the product during the certification process under industry standards. The CE certificate provides the product with significant advantages in the face of fierce competition in the global market. It indicates that the manufacturer not only possesses the necessary latest production technologies but also takes care of its image by honestly and transparently investing time and financial resources in the certification process.