Saner — Automatic Disinfection Station — Modern Must-have of Social Spaces

Adaptation to new conditions is always a challenge. Especially when we are dealing with a global scale. Realities require different solutions and non-standard approaches. Who would have thought that a simple rule from childhood will save thousands of lives today. In some weeks, disinfection has become an obligatory rule, and safety — everyone's priority.

Modern Expo, a global manufacturer and supplier of complete retail solutions, developed the new product. At first it was a market need, but the final objective of the product went beyond the initial idea. The epidemic will be over, but the need for hygiene will remain. Modern Expo aims to make disinfection not only convenient and accessible, but also a must-have of all social spaces. Flexible interior part and convenient tool for use.

The Saner mobile disinfection station is equipped with an automatic fluid dispenser and another one dispenser for napkins. The interaction is simple and intuitive. There are two possible scenarios: non-contact hand hygiene or surface cleaning using napkins.

The removable batteries guarantee the autonomy of the station and the possibility of LED indication of the disinfection zone.

Saner can be used in completely different places of social interaction: from shops and hospitals to cinemas and bus stops. The station can be integrated into a shelving system or parcel terminal, or installed as a separate equipment. In addition, a platform with wheels allows to quickly move the station to the needed location without wasting time and effort.

When disinfection becomes an uncompromising rule, it is important to create the conditions for its compliance. Where to wash hands at the bank? How to take care of personal hygiene at the post office? The new Modern Expo product is ready to solve these problems.