How Retail Can Protect Itself during Coronavirus: Points of Sales Automation

Realities are forcing us to rethink customers' experience and business processes. Traditional models do not work when people are suffering from frustrating changes.

The experts of Modern Expo Group, a global supplier of complete retail solutions, and MINT Innovations company, that is a part of the Group and develops automated innovative equipment, find ways to help partners and their clients in times of global turbulence. We are actively developing solutions for points of sales automation and contactless last mile delivery.

  • Challenge: automation of queue formation and control of shoppers’ number in building

Modern challenges not only motivate us to find new ways of development, but also allow us to look at existing solutions from a different angle. We would like to present the electronic queue system for automatic coordination of the number of customers in the store.

Employees will no longer have to independently control the number of customers who visit the store. The electronic queue system generates a personal number for each visitor. When the corresponding number appears on the equipment’s screen, the shopper can scan his QR or barcode on the reader and go inside. When the shopper leaves the store, security signals the system via a mobile app, terminal or automatic gate that the next visitor can enter.

The solution allows to limit the number of people who will be in the trading area at the same time. It also reduces contacts not only with store employees but also with other shoppers.

  • Challenge: remote merchandising control

The smart shelf allows the retailer to avoid losses due to the out-of-stock problem and, at the same time, not physically visit points of sale.

Remote merchandising monitoring is based on artificial intelligence and computer vision. It provides automated analysis of the number of SKUs on the shelf, the number of goods in the "virtual" warehouse and the turnover rate. There is no need to personally check the presence or absence of goods. All data can be seen on the smartphone or personal computer.

The smart shelf can be implemented on existing shelvings with a pushers system or with cameras. This fact also minimizes the integration time of the solution.

  • Challenge: automation of price management

The electronic price tag system is a global trend in managing and adjusting price displaying. This is a great example of the use of digital technologies in retail.

Electronic price tags add interactivity to the purchase process and serve as an additional promotional platform. The increased size and advanced functionality of the LED screen develops modern channels of communication with shoppers.

And what is most important in the context of the pandemic, electronic price tags help to reduce employees' contacts with the equipment inside the store. Software system changes prices  automatically.

Other key features of electronic price tags:

  • fast and correct prices display because of automation;
  • less manual operations because employees do not contact with price tags directly;
  • Optimization of control’s efficiency, because of a centralized management system.
  • Challenge: last mile contactless delivery

Automated robotic delivery is helpful and important as never before. Methods and means of delivery are transforming, turning into other forms and formats. Changes make no time for doubts, and our parcel terminals are the perfect solution for these changes.

The equipment is a kind of personal 24-hour courier who pladeliveres the orders in the most convenient time and way for the client. The person controls the time of delivery himself, reducing the number of communications.

Parcel terminals, developed in partnership with OMNIC, have Indoor and outdoor options. The modularity of the system guarantees wider ways of customization.

We also developed a special solution for food delivery - Freshbox. Stacks with different temperatures of cooling, freezing and heating modes allow the use of different delivery services of dishes and food products.

Modern Expo and Mint Innovations meet global challenges and combine the design, functionality and ergonomics of equipment with innovative smart solutions. Our technologies and ideas become effective solutions and products that are focused not only on convenience but also on the safety of their users.