Modern supplier of neoteric solutions

What is modern retail about? Quick changes. Innovations that transform the customer experience. An atmosphere that builds trust and engagement.

This is the reality in which we work today. But this is not enough for us. We are constantly asking ourselves: Who will be the customer of the future? What will be the retail of the future? How can we change our partners’ business and create a new consumer experience for buyers around the world?

These benchmarks have made Modern Expo a global supplier of complete retail solutions with partners in over 70 countries. We have chosen the path of the key retail change agent.




Branch offices

3 000+



Years of experience

From the idea, to its implementation

Today Modern Expo is not merely an international manufacturer of trading equipment. It is an ecosystem in which dozens of powerful partners from different industries and countries work together on mutually beneficial terms. We bring to life the vision of our customers: from the small idea of ​​new equipment to innovative turnkey projects.

Modern retail is about unique atmosphere

Dozens of formats. Hundreds of concepts. Retailers compete for uniqueness, looking for their own path of development. Modern Expo's mission is to help retailers sell and shoppers — buy. We look for a balance of practicality and creativity of decisions, going throug each specific story together with a client.

Rethinking and Transformation

We have gathered a team of professionals, which has become Europe's largest retail research and development center. Developing our expertise in state-of-the-art technologies, we have created MINT, a company that specializes in the development and implementation of innovations in the workflow of retail and manufacturing companies.

Our years of experience in store concepts and design have transformed into the new SQUARES company and HOW design studio.

Collaborations with partners around the world, innovative products, an integrated approach, flexibility and a strong manufacturing basis are our answers to the future that is already here.

Business Units

SQUARES develops concepts and branding for retail operators. Together with a client’s team, it works provides a package of services associated with store planning procedures: from external environment audit, functional zoning of space, customer segmentation, selection of assortment of goods and services to developing a book of standards authorial supervision to start a retail chain or refurbish the existent shops.

MINT is an innovative company and one of Modern Expo’s intellectual centres. Complete smart-solutions for retail constitute its core competence. MINT’s products are smart-shelves, tunnel self-checkouts and POS-equipment. MINT is associated with such areas of expertise as Artificial Intelligence, robotics and Big Data. All company’s developments have one purpose alone: to optimize the buying process and make it as convenient and flexible as possible. How exactly? Through engineering solutions and software products.

Modern Engineering designs and creates unique, highly productive manufacturing systems. The company's products are as follows: robotic welding complexes, roll-forming machines, equipment for the systems that conduct monitoring of production processes. The company's services stand thus: automation of manual routine processes, thermal and mechanical processing and reverse engineering. The goal is to make manufacturing technologies and processes more flexible, efficient and transparent with the help of lean production and software technologies.

Modern Retail Forum is an international discussion platform for key retail players where they share unique experiences, identify new retail's directions in light of extremely dynamic changes and globalization. The company's cooperation with leaders in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and the creation of new ecosystems for successful retail bring the world's renowned speakers to the forum. The Forum has taken place in Lutsk and Kyiv, as well as in Warsaw.